Every athlete has a story to tell. They have a past time when they were not super stars that we watched on television. They were people before they became the best at what they do. Each of them have people that they love that do not play the game. Their heart is shown by all the good that they do in their communities now that they are grown and playing in the big leagues.

This also means that most all of them have not forgotten that there are issues in this world that money cannot always solve. They may have grown up in a situation that made them overall good people or they may have always had easy access to the things that they need. Either way, it has led to them striving to help others using what they have.

There are athletes who make a big impact on lives everywhere. They give to kids’ education, help with building dreams, playing sports, and the many health impacts that we deal with on a daily basis. Most all of them donate to charities that may help people from all walks of life. They are the stars that we love to watch win, but even we know that they are winners even before the big game or big race that they are taking part in.