athletes and charitiesMost of the time, we hear bad things about the sporting world. We hear about the drama, who has done what to whom, and how they all live it up in their big, lavish homes, throwing parties all the time. We hear about the athletes who are drinking, doing drugs, and even breaking the law. The good news is, it is not all about the bad. There are many who do party hard and celebrate their success in that way, but there are also athletes who strive to do good for the community, the world, and every charity that matters. They are the ones who give their time, their money, and more to the everyone. They are the ones we love to see perform well in the sports that they are a part of.

The Players We Love

The NBA and CharityBoth male and female athletes are working hard to improve the quality of life for others. Walter Peyton was known as one of the sweetest players ever, but that does not mean that others are not also just as kind. For instance, Ronda Rousey an American mixed martial artist donates money to help with mental health services. Michael Phelps works with children through a charity that he created. In fact, a lot of athletes do things for children’s hospitals, education, and illnesses. Even John Cena is part of the Make a Wish foundation and breast cancer awareness efforts.

Show Your Support of Charitable Athletes

charitable athletesInstead of focusing our attention on the athletes that do bad things, we need to start focusing on the ones who do more. It is something that we all need more of. They are already people that our children look up to. Shouldn’t we focus on the ones that are true role models for our kids? If we pay more attention to the good, our kids will as well. This may also make it so that more athletes put their efforts into the good that they can do.